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I need professional and quality videography and/or photography delivered on a reasonable budget. We want beautiful photos to look back on our day, and/or we want to be able to watch our wedding video and remember all the wonderful moments the photos couldn't capture.

We expect our videographer and/or photographer to be experienced, talented and professional. 

Our maximum budget for videography and photography is around $1000 (or less) for each.


I'm looking for more than just professional and quality work; I'm looking for something exceptional. More than just  the perfect wedding vendors, but  vendors who are a good match in personality to myself and my future spouse.


We prefer a more boutique-like experience; a one-on-one where our videographer(s) and/or photographer(s) will take the time to get to know us so that they can craft, tailor and seam our videography/photography collection to our liking. 


We know this type of experience requires a reasonable, yet respectable, investment on our part, and we are committed to building a professional relationship with the right person or team.


Choose Your Photography and/or Videography Experience

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